Ideal Wedding Ceremony Songs

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wedding songs

You may just think you want to choose an appropriate song while you walk down the isle. It’s really not that easy. There are several songs that should be chosen for different segments of the ceremony. Among these choices are songs for the prelude, postlude, processionals and recessionals.

First, you have to know what each is and find the perfect song choice. An amalgam of songs can be found online, you may have some traditional songs you want to use or family and friends may have some great ideas for you. Write down all your ideas on a piece of paper as you have to discuss the song choice with a few people. Once you have gone over the list with your fiancé, you need to discuss the songs with your officiant as there may be certain song restrictions.

The ideal wedding ceremony song starts with the prelude music. This is the time that the guests will be finding their seats and waiting for the arrival of the wedding party. You want your guests to be comfortable and the music to be wonderful. Music you choose sets the mood for the guests.

You want them to feel relaxed and the time to go fast for them while they wait for you. This selection should be fairly long in play time. If you have prelude music that is 20 to 45 minutes long, this will allow for unexpected delays on your part.

Of course, if the play time is short, the music selection can be played again. Remember the guests may get bored and that would start the entire ceremony off on the wrong foot. So choose the perfect prelude music that sets the theme and mood for your perfect day!

Next, you have to choose the processional music. Many brides consider this to be the most important music selection of the event. This music is played while the family of the bride and groom get walked down the isle and while the rest of the wedding party as well as the bride and groom.

Different styles of processional music can be chosen which consist of traditional, contemporary or classical. An example of traditional ceremony music would be “Here Comes The Bride”and contemporary would be a choice such as “At Last” by Elta James or “Only Time” by Enya.

As for classical music, you could choose almost anything from Mozart or Bach. What style best suites you as the bride and groom and your new life together? Make your entrance dramatic by choosing the perfect ceremony songs.