How Much Should The Setting Cost?

setting for diamonds

For a simple and elegant looking band you would be required to pay 500 to 600 USDĀ for a 18K gold, higher price for the platinum. As the design of the ring you chose becomes intricate (more prongs, more metal, more labour) the price added for the setting goes up.

The metal you select for the ring also affects the price of the ring. Mainly what matters is whether you opt for platinum or gold (platinum costs more). For a gold ring selected, you further get to choose from white, yellow or pink gold band for the ring.

Center and Side Diamonds For the Ring

After you have decided the setting and the metal for the ring, now you have an idea of the budget left for the diamond. The first thing you need to decide is the shape of the diamond. Pear cut, round, heart shape, princess, emerald, radiant, asscher diamond, which one would you prefer the most.

Following this you are to ask yourself if you need to add side diamonds to the ring or not. As mentioned earlier the side diamonds make the ring prettier and help highlight the central solitaire. But again the selection remains at the customer discretion.

A Very Personal Decision

You will see this theme repeated through our engagement ring buying guide. Select a diamond, setting and metal type that suits your style, desire and pocket at the same time.

Always remember the love and feelings you attach to this ring are what will make it beautiful and different from what any other person is having or can have. While the average spend on an engagement ring is about $6000, that doesn’t mean you have to follow what others are doing. You should spend what you are comfortable with and nothing more.


You can always choose the engagement ring with your beloved since she will wear the ring. If you want to keep this as a surprise, most people does, you should know her taste, what kind of jewellery she likes, you can easily learn this by checking her current jewellery.

If you are still not sure, our suggestion is a 6-prong Tiffany style solitaire diamond ring. If your center stone is smaller than 0.7 carats, we suggest you to go for a pave diamond ring, which will enhance the brilliance and will cover the center stones size.

If you are planning to choose a diamond other than, round and princess we also suggest engagement rings with side stones.

For further details you can always contact us and our experienced team will help you to choose the most suitable setting for your engagement ring.