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Finding Joy

I love this time of year! The appeal of a fresh start… less stress, better health, and the many goals and dreams for work, home, marriage, friendships…every area of life is touched by the idea of renewal and a fresh focus. The hope and promise of better living in the new year is exciting and motivating!

We’re setting some big goals for 2013.  Patrick and I have made some exciting goals together as a couple for the ways we want to work on our home and marriage. I’m full of ideas for creative projects I want to do with Lavender Joy, and we have some amazing clients we’re working with this year. As a ‘recovering perfectionist’ though, goal-setting and crossing items off the to-do list is something that comes fairly easily.  Living with intention, yet finding joy and contentment in the midst of goal-setting, well…that is a bit harder.

So for 2013, my biggest goal (and the one I’m most excited about) is to focus on finding joy in the everyday. To breathe in contentment and peace in the midst of working, creating, serving, balancing, loving and living.  To fully embrace the process and intentionally cultivate gratitude.

My Instagram is @stefaniemiles and I would love for you to follow along with the hashtag #findingjoy. If you’re on Instagram, I’d love for you to join me and post about how you’re finding joy too!

With excitement and joy for all that’s ahead!

One Response to Finding Joy

  1. Sheila says:


    I just found your space through some serious blog hopping and so happy I did. I am also passionate about finding joy and gratitude in life and would love to join along on your instagram #Joy :)

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