Diamond Jewelry – A Guy’s Guide

buy a diamond ring

Are you going to buy some diamond jewelry?

I’m going to speak directly here…. do you really want to buy some diamond jewelry?, a diamond ring?, a diamond necklace? Come on…. be honest!!! Wouldn’t you really rather buy a new computer? a new car? how about that new TV that you just saw down at the electronics store?

If you are thinking about some diamond jewelry because you are about to get engaged and then you will eventually get married, well then you will have to get used to doing things that you will have very little control over!

Now don’t get me wrong here… I got married nearly 25 years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, period! So I learned a long, long time ago that the secret to a happy life is a happy wife! Very few things makes a woman happier than diamond jewelry!

If you are headed towards engagement you will not have a lot of control over what will happen as you go down this road… you will have to do things just because it is the tradition to do it that way. Whether you like it or not, it is just the way it is!

I can help you with the how to buy diamond jewelry, diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings, wedding band stuff…. but you are on your own with all the other stuff.

Women spend a good portion of their lives thinking about this wedding stuff. It’s a princess fairy tale kind of thing. Not that this fairy tale stuff is good or bad…. it is just the way it is and I am certainly glad that my wife could see past my frog exterior and find the Prince Charming hiding inside of me!

Women will want a diamond engagement ring because that is what everybody else has…. just like they will need a certain kind of wedding cake, a certain type of wedding dress, certain flower arrangements, etc., etc. You can’t fight it…. it is just the way it is! Go with the Force.

I know that if it were left up to us guys…. the ceremony would be held in a park, the minister would be an Elvis look-a-like, and after the 1.25 minute ceremony the caterer would bring out the pizza, Buffalo chicken wings, the six foot subs, and the keg would be tapped…. and the grand finale would be a fart lighting contest!

But that is the guy’s fairy tale, so you will need to step up to the plate and come up with some diamond jewelry that her friends and family will all end up seeing and whatever you buy, it will end up being a reflection of you.

Now, hopefully, if you are really lucky, she will help you out by telling you exactly what diamond jewelry she wants and what she wants will not end up costing you 2 years salary!

I was lucky because my wife designed her own engagement ring and it was made up of many smaller diamonds. Of course, now she wants a 2ct. diamond because her cousin has one! This happens to women… as they grow older, their diamonds grow larger.

OK, lets get going on that diamond engagement ring!

This best approach to buying diamond jewelry (for example a diamond engagement ring) is to break the purchase down into smaller, easier to tackle tasks….

First, you already should know that when you think about diamond jewelry…. the best approach is to buy loose diamonds! As was discussed in our earlier article, “Diamond Jewelry – The Basics”. You will need to go through the diamond buying basics and you will end up with your perfect diamond.

Make sure you do your homework thoroughly before going shopping. A great place to start your engagement ring research is to go to Beyond4cs.com.

Next, you will need to set the loose diamond that you have bought into a “presentation mounting”.

A presentation mounting is a very simple gold mounting, basically a “Tiffany” style mounting. There is a reason that I suggest this to you.

You were looking at loose diamonds, you wanted to buy something nice, and once you found the right diamond, you spent a good amount of money for it. Now that you have a loose diamond, you will need to set it into a mounting… you just can’t give it to her in a plastic baggie!

Using a presentation mounting gets the diamond into a mounting, you can give it to her…. and the additional decision of her “dream mounting” along with its additional cost will now be moved into the future, giving you some (financial) breathing room and it greatly simplifies this task!

She can enjoy the diamond, show it to all her friends, and the ball will now be in her court to come up with the mounting that she wants…