First Things First

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For the new couple planning a wedding, here are some tips you should bear in mind!

Before you choose a venue and a date, consider how you want your celebration to feel. Write down 5 words that describe how you want to feel on your wedding day. This feeling will guide your aesthetic, and your venue search, and will help your event to have a much more cohesive aesthetic than if you determine this later on.

Do more for less people. This is one of our favorite tips for creating a truly memorable wedding day. Bring together your closest friends and family, and use the budget you have to host them in an unforgettable way.

Treat your family and vendors with honor and respect during the planning process. Things get a little tense for everyone at some point – this is a major life transition, after all! Pause, take a breath, and treat people with kindness no matter the situation.

Keep in mind the colors and textures of your event space when choosing a color palette. Are your colors going to disappear into the background in or be an unexpected eyesore? Draw inspiration from the existing elements in the space.

Get informed about the costs in your market before you set a budget. This is one of the best ways to manage expectations and heartache, and to keep from blowing the entire budget early on.

If you’re unsure about your wedding style, start small. Look around you. What inspires you? What do you consistently choose and love in fashion and home decor? These elements can be a great starting point for inspiration.

Wedding Vendors And Useful Information

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